Spring / Summer 2018 Collection

A creative machine behind the name of Manners is inspired by a man on the move, whether a businessman, athlete, adventurer or an artist. Whatever the man does, Manners provides perfect comfort throughout the day thanks to proven designs, natural and high quality materials, of which comfortable garments have been deliberately made that fit every form of male body type. New collection breaks down prejudices and changes stereotypes – this season, Manners men choose courageously and boldly. There is a modern pixel print coming forth, which will break the monotony and refresh the reflection in the mirror. At the same time, we have been maintaining verified classics of clean colors, as well as timeless stripes that will fit into the look of the Manners man who knows what he wants and does not accept compromises. The fashion swing will be presented by a two-color branded rubber of innovative design in an exclusive line – a detail that will make each and every outfit special. The new collection of modern men follows the pace and speaks a lot about him, his style and character. Manners, for the man on the move, who is unrestrained and childishly playful in search of a perfect combination of clothing that will emphasize his masculinity and individuality. They say that man underwear should have the refinement of Apollo, the gentleness of Byron, the uniqueness of Lord Chesterfield, and the ease and relaxation of Mahatma Gandhi. We will agree with that. Enjoy it!


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