Since the ancient times, men have always been fascinated by passion and wild nature, but also the dignity of one of the noblest animals.  Mythology and important historical events report stories of fiery horses that have frequently been key in achieving positive outcomes and victories in great crusades and races. Names such as Pegasus, Bucephalus, Marengo, and all the way to today’s champions, are related to great heroes, commanders, revolutionaries, visionaries and present-day authorities, great followers of quality breeds. They all share a common characteristic, which is love and attention toward horses, and the special bond that can be developed, proudly emphasizing the title of a man’s best friend. The previous prestige and expression of strength are present today when we discuss these temperamental animals. Not surprisingly, the multi-century love and respect toward horses was turned to measure of strength for engines and the stories continue to be transferred from generation to generation witnessing the success and greatness of lives of modern-day men.

Inspired by these graceful animals, we searched for a photoshoot location for the new collection of the MANNERS brand and we were thrilled to find it and devise the photo set of our dreams. The models managed to interact with the horses very well, which the camera recorded, and everything was brimming with creative male charge and positive energy. The noble and bold have ran the show together and we recorded the moments that will characterize the collection of this autumn and proudly share the message – Man in motion, the logo of the brand Manners, describing the active man of the 21st century, a gentleman with style.

You will greatly enjoy the 2020/2021 autumn/winter collection, as you have before, through the specially selected natural materials of European origin. The selection of high-quality material is a precondition for coziness, and everything is rounded by design and comfortable cuts that will fulfil all needs of the stronger sex. We also present characteristic colors and designs for men that exude prestige, speed and strength and articles and quality that will fulfil the requirements of the most demanding men who do not compromise. Enjoy the first articles from our new collection that are already available in all Alma Ras and Manners boutiques, as well as via the webshop, and properly underline and present your victorious character.

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