Alma Ras d.o.o. as a brand leader in the production of fine lingerie and sleepwear programmes on the domestic market, and with the desire to improve its selection and meet the growing demands of loyal customers, presents the research findings of the overall market of Bosnia and Herzegovina on a nationally representative sample (n500, urban BiH, CAWI method). The market research conducted by the GfK BIH agency justified our expectations that Alma Ras is the most recognizable brand in the segment of fine lingerie and sleepwear programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The brand has improved its position in the “brand awareness” index for a significant number of points compared to 2015, further consolidating the #1 position within the observed category. As a part of the survey, the respondents stated that Alma Ras is a brand that they intend to buy most often in the coming period. Even 65% of respondents claim to take into account the purchase of Alma Ras products over the next 12 months.

During our long-standing presence on the domestic market, we have built carefully our emotional connection of our customers with the brand. The conducted survey shows that customers respond very well to the values we are promoting every day, and it can be said that 38% of respondents have a close relationship with the Alma Ras brand.

We would like to point out that the company’s underlying values are based primarily on a high level of quality i.e. in the selection of the best, high-quality, natural materials, as well as in the monitoring of the world’s fashion trends tailored for the needs of the domestic buyer. The constant investment and modernization of production and innovation in using the materials, tailoring and designing, passes a strong message to the customers that Alma Ras selection goes hand in hand with the world-renowned brands ‘selections.

What makes Alma Ras d.o.o. known to the public from before is the concern for employees, the satisfaction of the workers, but also of the customers, which resulted in the award to the company Alma Ras as the best employer in 2014, acknowledgment – one of the three best employers in the Fashion and Retail sector in 2015, and to enter this year in the TOP 10 most desirable employers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Thanks to the customers who have recognized the quality of Alma Ras and Manners products, this company now has five plants, 13 retail boutiques, three franchise boutiques and three outlets with over 1000 employees, each day increasing customer satisfaction and growing on the domestic market.


Alma Ras d.o.o.

Olovske Luke b.b.
71340 Olovo
Bosna i Hercegovina

T:  +387 32 823 050
F: +387 32 828 241

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